Find Freedom on the Road in 5 Days without Human Interaction

Being self-sufficient these days can allow for some less-populated travel opportunities. This past November I decided to go on a 5 day/4 night trip to south-western Ontario to explore some interpretive spots and do some camping before the winter snow set in. Here are some photos from that trip.

It felt so good to be back on the road. To be riding around in Jolene (my beloved van) and spending time with plants and animals and the earth instead of within the four walls I’ve been stuck in while I was completing my degree and isolating. I don’t think the isolation itself has been terribly hard on me, as I’m a relatively solitary person, but the limited travel has been…incredibly challenging. If you’re also someone whose primary coping mechanism is escapism (and I took zero opportunities to try and remedy that during this quarantine, just to be clear, oops!), I’m sure you can empathize. So being able to have a fully functional vehicle that I can self-sustain myself on and minimize any human interaction, feels incredibly reassuring to my heart.

It was really lovely to be outside. It was lovelier still that shoulder seasons are so quiet – there was hardly anyone around and it felt peaceful.

Some lower quality phone photos (because that little cuties name is Sadie and she was the bEST), and a short video of Inglis Falls!

A note just in case: I live in a very small town where I can safely isolate and has very minimal cases of C19, so I am (luckily) able to be outdoors in my own community super safely and comfortably. Travelling is something I would never ever do lightly, and unless I could safely enter an area I would never consider it. Many of the smaller towns I like to visit are mainly inhabited by older folks, so it is no small thing to just “stop by a grocery store.” Rest assured, only under the safest circumstances did we choose to stop and actually enter an establishment!

So much love to you all during this time, I hope you are all able to be outdoors safely, it has been such a balm to my heart.

All my best,


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