A Quiet Midwinter

I’m sure I can’t be the only one feeling the strangeness of the season keenly. I like to imagine myself as a tree, even when the seasons are more typical than this, to find solace with what my own body is trying to do. At this time of year people seem to be ramping up for big festivities, parties, many social gatherings, shopping, new resolutions and complete routine changes, etc. That is so difficult for me to do because all winter wants from us is to become dormant. To save our energy, to be at peace and survive so we can bloom and thrive when we are better able.

I enjoy the process of slowing down, of realizing that I do not have to say yes to everything that comes up, that it is safe to rest. At this time, perhaps it feels less safe than usual to be in a state of rest. I think anyone joining me in the low-income bracket would likely agree. It is frightening to the system to hear the very words ‘lockdown’ again. But I have to continue to remind myself, that regardless of circumstance – it is still okay to rest. My time off does not have to ever be productive to be valuable.

I hope you have some time this mid-winter, now that our sun is slowly spending a little more time with us in the Northern Hemisphere, to embrace the quiet – I choose to do so in nature, and if you’re able I hope you do, too.

Perhaps one of my favourite little poems to encourage us on a little further in restful protest, then?

Craftsmanship and emptiness

Don’t listen to them!
They seem to protect,
But they imprison.
They are your worst enemies.
They make you afraid
Of living in emptiness.


Don’t let anyone tell you that productivity or a fast pace is the only way. We cannot maintain that pace forever, nor should we. Take deep breaths. Remember the trees.

All my love,


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