Handmade Incense: A Photo Essay

If you’ve ever burned candles or incense in your house and wrinkled your nose at the synthetic scents that were hidden pre-candle flame, you aren’t the only one.

The road to warm scents in our homes is paved with dried herbs. Some favourites were sweet fern, cinnamon, and tree saps.

It’s astounding the small gifts the forest can provide us. We’ve all walked past cedar trees, and thought nothing of it. Often grateful for the wood, but forgetting about the leaves.

What is it about fire? Is it hardwired into us to gather when a fire is lit? To see a fire pit or hold split wood and hesitate, “think we have enough time for a fire?”

Safety third, of course.

Some things foraged, some things shared.

Happiness comes in many forms. Sunbeams on rainy days, warm scents of fall direct from the forest, and making things with your own hands with friends.

Keep your stick on the ice, friends.


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