Winter Off-Grid Cabin Adventures – Day 1

Hello hello!

Last week my sister and I took a trip to an off-grid cabin for the week just north of Kingston, and I decided to film it to be able to look back on our time and find a new way to creatively express myself! I learned a lot through filming, and we had so much fun! I’ll be posting the next videos in the series over the next couple of weeks on here, but go check out my YouTube channel for more!


A while back I was on Instagram and kept seeing this little tiny cabin through a company called Cabinscape (#notspons). I showed it to my sister and she loved it, but it was difficult for us to find time between our work schedules to make it happen (living 6 hours apart notwithstanding). Luckily, she ended up having some time last week, and as we were pondering  where to go, lo-and-behold, another one of these cabin photos popped up. 3 of the 4 cabins were booked, but the Penner Cabin was available on exactly the days we had off, and we wanted to meet halfway which was the exact location of the cabin, and everything else just fell into place!

On day 1 we both set out on a 3.5 hour trip towards each other, meeting in Kingston, and heading into town for some last minute things before getting to the cabin for our check-in time at 2p. We stopped by the three most necessary places: Novel Ideas – an independent (and absolutely wonderful) bookstore in Kingston, the local LCBO, and the grocery store! The first thing we noticed was that the power was low and we’d need to run the generator for a few hours as the sun hadn’t been out to charge the solar panels. The second thing we noticed was that neither of us had run a generator before, and the adventure began!

Luckily, my sister can get just about any electrical, technical, mechanical, or logical issue sorted out with an almost disconcerting level of ease, so I left her to it while I supervised *cough* filmed *cough*. Then we took a walk down to the lake, made ourselves a spaghetti dinner, talked, listened to an episode of our favourite podcast, read, and hit the hay!

The first day was definitely a travel/settling in day and it was really enjoyable to know that you had the time and space to just breathe. The fact that it was off-grid (a first for both of us) offered us the opportunity to focus on the present. Each new experience and challenge was where our energy was directed and there was a certain meditative peace in sorting out each step of the way!

Stay tuned for part two of the series, and thank you for stopping by!

Keep on truckin’,

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