A Quick Introduction: Jolene


Since I decided to re-do my blog, a lot of you may not know where this all began and who exactly my beloved Jolene is. Well, she’s my van. My lovely, beautiful, baddass babe.


During the summer of 2017, and this coming summer 2018 I have been driving across Canada and exploring art, people, nature, whatever strikes my fancy, and I needed a pal to take me on all my adventures! I wanted a van that was low-profile, decent on gas, and spicy, and then I met my little meatball, Jo.



She’s a 2015 Ford Transit Connect, and she’s perfect for a solo (or very cozy duo) adventurer to travel in (or, you know, to move all your friends stuff, or your bff’s band equipment in a pinch). The van life is not for everyone, I learned a lot, I struggled a lot in the beginning, but what I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the things I’ve seen allow me to reflect on it with a positive attitude!


So here she is, just in case you haven’t met, because you will see a lot more of her this summer!

And a lot more of this. I hope to share with you all the beauty of Canada, a little bit of humour, and the fun of living the van life as a solo woman on the road!

From me and Jolene, much love!


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