I don’t set New Years goals, except for one every year which is: I won’t buy a Louis Vuitton. That way if you succeed, you’ve succeeded, but if you fail, you’ve still won. And there’s a prize at the end.

So the point of all this is that I’m twenty-five. I guess. I suppose. I think that’s my age if all the birth records are correct and I’m also not an alien (which I truly don’t have an answer to, so I’m keeping my options open). So this year I’m going to do some (dreaded) goal setting, and I’m going to write them down to keep myself accountable.

The List

  1. Put my writing into a book. Self-published, self-printed, however it comes together. Make it happen.
  2. Finish applying for my dual citizenship.
  3. Make a concerted effort to get my health in order. Seriously. These have been a rough few years and I need some answers.
  4. Move. Wherever that takes me.
  5. Apply for those agencies. Don’t put off the future any longer, don’t let the fig tree whither before you. There’s time.

So those are them. My big goals. It helps to just write things down, put them into the universe, make them real. I’m always afraid to tell people of my plans because I am so filled with fear that if I fail (and I do often, as we all do), I am somehow less valuable, and a person who should keep those dreams to themselves.

Just a quick update, I hope you all are doing well and keeping busy.

Much love,



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