Ah, the sweet sweet reality of moving to a different country is that you often times forget to bring all of your memory cards that contain the things you’re working on! Ha!

Jumping backwards in time a little bit, here is the video for day three of our adventure off-grid camping with Cabinscapes in Kingston, Ontario!

Day three saw us relaxing and taking time to ourselves. We woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground and took our time waking up to get out on the trail!

Can’t beat a pancake breakky!

In the afternoon we first popped over to Frontenac Provincial Park to check out the trails and see how it looked and what we wanted to do for the day! Everything was pretty quiet, we saw some beautiful woodpeckers, but decided to head over to the Trans-Canada Trail to check it out and see what it might be like!

To get to the TCT in Sydenham isn’t difficult, and it follows along the water for the hour or two we were on the trail! It does abut a lot of private property, which is something I knew, but it does make for a rather less exciting trail than Frontenac might provide!

Nevertheless! We continued and got to a beautiful bridge (complete with scoring chart), saw a rabbit, birds, and enough sumac for all eternity (just kidding, I’ll never get over that soft pussy willow-soft bark)!

Afterwards we were hungry as all get out (even with our favourite tuna/bagel trail snack we brought along), and decided to head back to the cabin to see if we could get the barbecue going in true Canadian spirit!

Sidenote: I have a strange fear of barbecues, and I don’t really know where it stems from. In college at my summer job we had weekly bbq’s, and I always offered to do the shopping run instead of being the one to cook because seriously, propane and I do not get on well! Luckily, my sister isn’t afraid of, well, anything that I know of, so she got it up and running in no time at all!

It was a lovely, quiet day spent mostly just enjoying the quiet of the water and the cabin!

Hope you’re all having a lovely spring, the waters aren’t too high where you are, and the sun is out!

Happy adventuring, friends! I’ll be back soon with the last part of this wonderful trip!

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