A Quiet Midwinter

I'm sure I can't be the only one feeling the strangeness of the season keenly. I like to imagine myself as a tree, even when the seasons are more typical than this, to find solace with what my own body is trying to do. At this time of year people seem to be ramping up [...]

Find Freedom on the Road in 5 Days without Human Interaction

Being self-sufficient these days can allow for some less-populated travel opportunities. This past November I decided to go on a 5 day/4 night trip to south-western Ontario to explore some interpretive spots and do some camping before the winter snow set in. Here are some photos from that trip. It felt so good to be [...]

Moving East…

Moving East…

I decided to move to Korea. It was sort of sudden, and sort of not. Maybe I've known for a while and didn't believe it. But I'm definitely here. Got to see the cherry blossoms bloom. Cherry blossoms (벚꽃) are such a testament to impermanence. So while I'm glad I saw them, I ached until [...]